5 useful yoga poses to practice every morning

No matter how sluggish you feel when you get up from bed, practicing yoga will assist you to get a fantastic day after your alarms go off. Yoga session takes only 15 minutes of your day, which is the key to optimize your mind, mood, and health.

There are numerous morning yoga asanas and yoga poses with amazing benefits to serve you a healthy lifestyle. Here are five useful yoga poses you should practice every morning.

5 useful yoga poses to practice every morning

Seated Cat/Cow

Seated Cat /Cow posture will help you to wake up not only your body but also your mind. This movement stretches and extends the entire spine. Warm-up the back continuously with 5-10 Cat-Cow stretches.

How to

Seat in a cross-legged position and anchor your hand to the front of your knees. Inhale, arch your spine, draw your tailbone back, lift your chest, and gaze up. Exhale, round your spine, pull your sit bones underneath you, doing your upper back, and dropping your chin to your chest.

Pelvic Tilts

Pelvic Tilts are one of the most useful yoga poses to practice every morning it can help you to lower back pain and stiffness. Keep doing it slowly until the movement feels fluid.

Steps to follow

  • Curve your lower back slightly to start.
  • Rock your hips towards your face without lifting your butt.
  • You should feel that your lower back is pressing the floor while performing.

Dancer Pose

This is one of the most graceful yoga poses for you. It is all about balance. Dancer pose is a perfect blend that feeds your body and mind that encourages equilibrium.

Steps to follow

  • Hold one leg by your arm from the back and keep the balance intact with the other one.
  • Bend your body towards the front and stretch as much as possible.

morning yoga asanas

Chair Pose

The chair pose is alternatively known as Utkatasana. It indicates something relaxing and blissful. This morning yoga asanas will let you activate your legs and stay positive, generates heat in the body.

Steps to follow:

Stand straight and inhale, lift your hand upward. Exhale, sit back into your hips, bend your knees, stop when thighs are parallel to the ground.

Triangle Pose

Trikonasana or Triangle pose is a classic yoga asana that stimulates abdominal organs. It strengthens the legs and improves your focus.

Steps to follow

Stretch your leg sidewise and bend. Touch your feet with one hand while putting another hand upward and repeat.